Anonymous reporting platform for organisations

Financial Institutions

The biggest issue facing financial institutions is internal fraud and unauthorised transactions. These issues can result in heavy fines from regulatory agencies and reputational damage.

In most cases these situations can be prevented since the actions of these bad operators are seen by other employees.

The main reason these employees don’t report these issues is the fear of repercussion as many times these bad operators will be their superiors.

Most financial institutions do offer an anonymous reporting tool but these tools are not trusted by employees as they are custom made and branded for the institution.

HaYa Org with HaYa Chat offer a simple and effective solution

Fraud and misconduct reporting

Financial institutions can sign up to HaYa Org and create specific QR codes to report fraud.

These QR codes can be displayed on their intranet and on posters around the institution.

This allows any employee to scan the QR code and within seconds they can be in a live chat with a dedicated department, without having to disclose any personal information as HaYa Chat app doesn’t require any registration.

Benefits of HaYa

The benefit for the individual scanning the QR code is that their identity is protected and they can make contact at any time giving them freedom and confidence to make contact.

the benefit for the institution is that they are able to take their time to interact with the employee and be able to gather more in-depth knowledge of the issue as well as resolving the issue in real-time.

The other great benefit of using HaYa Org compared to other systems is that employees would use and trust HaYa Chat app as it is a freely available independent app that is not linked to the institution.

Simple setup

HaYa Org can be set up in minutes allowing for quick deployment of QR codes. Try HaYa Org for free with no obligations and test it internally by getting your staff to scan the QR code and chat with you.