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HaYa Chat App

What is the HaYa Chat app

HaYa Chat app is an incognito chat app that allows you to connect to other HaYa Chat app users or HaYa Org registered organisation by simply scanning a QR code or entering a Burner Code.

Why choose HaYa Chat app

  • There is no registration or profile so there is no identifiable information about the user.
  • You can only connect with other users, groups or organisations by scanning a QR Code or entering a Burner Code.
  • You have a User Key which allows you to log into HaYa Chat app from any smartphone.
  • Once you delete a chat you cannot be contacted again unless you share or enter a new Burner Code or scan a QR Code.

Main features

  • No email or phone number required to use HaYa Chat.
  • Unique User Key when you install HaYa Chat which means you can change smartphone and retrieve your account.
  • Create/Join one-2-one or group chats by sharing/scanning QR Codes.
  • Contact organisations by scanning their QR Code.
  • Use your smartphone camera to scan QR Codes and if you don’t have HaYa Chat installed you will be redirected to the App/Play Store.
  • Deleting content will delete it from any connected chat (excluding chats with organisations).
  • No one can find or contact you unless you share/scan a QR Code.
  • Any chat that is made into Secret Chat can be hidden by the Secret Chat toggle. To view them you will need to enter your password.

Download HaYa Chat

Download HaYa Chat from the App Store

Download HaYa Chat

Download HaYa Chat from the Play Store