Anonymous reporting platform for organisations

HaYa Org Platform

What is the HaYa Org Platform

The HaYa Org Platform is a SaaS tool that allows organisations to be contacted anonymously, via a live chat, by people scanning their QR Code.

Why choose HaYa Org

  • HaYa Org can be launched in minutes without any IT knowledge or requirements.
  • People use HaYa Chat, an independent chat app not connected to your organisation, to contact  you.
  • You are connected in a live chat making the communication efficient, productive and instant.
  • Scale up or down with multiple administrators per account.
  • There is no cost to try HaYa Org, simply sign up and try it for free.

Simple & Quick

  1. Register your HaYa Org account
  2. Get your HaYa Org name e.g. @companyname.com_xxx
  3. Share your @companyname.com_xxx and QR Code
  4. HaYa Chat app user can contact you in minutes

Multiple Accounts

You can register multiple accounts for your organisation to cover different departments like:

  • as your master contact account
  • @company.com_hr for your HR department
  • @company.com_report for reporting any misconduct
  • @company.com_feedback for honest feedback

Your HaYa Org name is dependant on your email domain, this ensures that when people scan the QR Code they can see what organisation they are talking to making the system secure.

Multiple Sub-administrators 

With HaYa Org you can add multiple sub-administrators to your account allowing your organisation to scale up depending on incoming traffic.

Versatile system

With HaYa Org you can tag conversations to easily  find patterns and export conversation for your own case management.

With HaYa Org you can harness the versatility of live chat with the security of anonymity.

Let people know you are on HaYa Org

Let your target audience know that they can contact you incognito via HaYa Chat app by:

  • Put your HaYa Org name and QR code on your website
  • Add your HaYa Org name and QR code on your email signature
  • Place your HaYa Org name and QR code on printed material

People contact you by

  1. Scanning your QR Code with their smartphone camera (If they don’t have HaYa Chat app installed they will automatically be taken to the App/Play Store).
  2. They will then be connected to your organisation, anonymously, where they will see your @organisation_name.
  3. A live chat with your organisation will be initiated and they can send messages and multimedia even if you are not online.

Industry Standard Security

HaYa Data is stored in AWS S3 and EBS block Storage and is Encrypted at REST with Amazon AWS Security.

End user access via HaYa Org and HaYA Chat app is encrypted with TLS/SSL using 90 day certificate lifetime.