Anonymous reporting platform for organisations

How to Get Started

Step 1 - Registering your organisation

To get started with HaYa Org you first have to decide the following:

Step 1.1

What is your HaYa Org name going to be. Your HaYa Org name is based on your email address domain and then there is an “_” after your autogenerated HaYa Org name so you can add a specific department. Each HaYa Org account you create is its own account eg:

  • (nothing added after the “_”.
  • @hayaorg.com_HR.
  • @hayaorg.com_support.

Each one of these accounts has its own login.

Step 1.2

Choose your screen name, this is the name that appears in the HaYa Chat app when someone connects to your organisation. You can choose your own name or a nickname.

Step 1.3

Click “Register”.

Step 1.4

To complete registration please enter your verification code you will have received to your email:

Step 2 - Select your subscription plan

Choose your subscription plan; you have 2 options:

  1. HaYa Org Free – This plan is free to use. The limitation on this plan is that you can only have 1 active chat and only 1 administrator. You can always upgrade later in the “My organzation>Subscription plan”.
  2. HaYa Org Premium – This plan allows for unlimited live chats and the ability to add extra administrators. Each extra administrator is an extra $25/month.
NOTE: If you are an organisation that has an annual billing agreement with HaYa then select the “HaYa Org Free” account as the system will be set up to allow for full Premium Features.

Step 3 - Test the system

Test the system to make sure that it is working fine. Simply scan the QR code with your camera (even if you don’t have HaYa Chat app) and follow the instructions:

Step 3.1

Scan the QR code with your smartphone.

Step 3.2

In HaYa Chat app enter a nickname and Join Chat

Step 3.3

See the chat appear on your computer screen

Step 3.4

Say hello in your HaYa Chat app

Step 3.5

Click on the chat and the click “Accept”

Step 3.4

Say hello back

You are now having a conversation betwen the HaYa Chat app and your HaYa Org account. This is the user expereince when people contact your organisation by scanning your QR code.

There is a “User guide” pdf you can download that will explain in detail how to use HaYa Org.

Step 4 - Share the QR code

You can now share your QR code by downloading your QR code from the My organisation > QR code badges.

These QR codes can be:

  • Printed as posters to put up wherever you would like people to be able to contact your organisation.
  • Placed on your website (please make sure to include the “organization link” as this allows people who view your website on a smartphone and cannot scan a QR code to be able to tap on the link and connect as if they scanned a QR code).
  • Inserted in your email signature.

We are here to help

HaYa Org has been designed to be simple to use but if you feel you need assistance with the setup please do contact us at

We offer:

  • Zoom training sessions on how to use HaYa Org.
  • Handholding system setups.
  • Consulting on best practices for implementing HaYa Org in your organisation.
  • Management seminars on the benefits of anonymous contact systems.