Anonymous reporting platform for organisations

HaYa Org Uses


Whistleblowing is an essential to ensure that issues of malfeasance or abuse are dealt with before they escalate. Governments are actively encouraging whistleblowing by issuing legislation to protect whistleblowers.

With HaYa Org you can encourage people in your organisation to raise issues before they escalate and become a serious problem.

For organisations that rely on public whistleblowing such as, law enforcement and regulatory bodies, HaYa Org is the simplest solution for the public to whistleblow.

Anonymous Reporting

Anonymous Reporting is different to whistleblowing. Anonymous reporting is where people want to flag or report something of concern.

With HaYa Org your organisation can encourage people to flag or report concerns within your organisation helping you manage potential issues.

This could be for issues of Health and Safety, Quality Control and Behaviour. If you allow people to report anonymously they will actively do so and by consequence standards will improve in your organisation.

Honest Feedback

Feedback is essential to an organisation and whilst consumers are happy to provide feedback getting honest internal feedback is a lot harder.

Allowing your staff to give feedback anonymously will give them the confidence to speak the truth as the fear of retaliation is removed.

With HaYa Org it is very simple to give honest feedback with the advantage that, being a live chat, the organisation can go more in-depth into the reasoning for the feedback.

Human Resources

The role of HR departments is to ensure that the employees of an organisation are behaving appropriately.

There have been many scandals with HR issues ranging from bulling, intimidation, sexual harassment and abuse of power.

Many employees are fearful to come forward to HR as they do not trust that the department will have their best interest and they might lose their job.

With HaYa Org HR departments can offer an anonymous channel of communication where employees can make that initial contact and it then gives the HR department the time to reassure the employee and get them to come out of anonymity.

Sensitive Advice

There are many situations when people are seeking advice but are too embarrassed or worried about reputational damage and therefore will refrain from seeking it.

With HaYa Org this issue is resolved as it allows people to seek advice anonymously in a live chat.

This is applicable to many fields such as medical advice, mental health support, legal and financial support and substance abuse support.

HaYa Org removes the stigma to ask certain questions and organisations can offer practical and effective support.