Anonymous reporting platform for organisations

HaYa Vs Other Systems

The HaYa Org Platform is a SaaS tool that allows organisations to be contacted anonymously, via a live chat, by people scanning their QR Code.

Why choose the HaYa Platform

Here is a comparison table to show why the HaYa Platform – comprising of HaYa Chat and HaYa Org – is a a better and more complete solution compared to current systems.




Web form

Web chat

Chat app


Anonymous connection protecting the user identity
With HaYa Chat the user can connect securely to your organisation (by scanning your HaYa Org QR code) within seconds with their own smartphone.

Instant sending of photos and video captured
With HaYa Chat the user can send your organisation photos and videos live from their smartphone. Combined with the live chat it allows your HaYa Org operators to guide the user to gathering the correct information.

Sending files
With HaYa Chat the user can send files from their smartphone directly into the live chat.

Live conversation
HaYa Chat is a live chat app which allows for real time conversations with your HaYa Org operators.

Text conversation
The HaYa Platform conversations are text conversations allowing the user to communicate privately without fear of being overheard.

Voice conversation
The HaYa Platform does not currently support voice conversations. This feature will be provided soon with tools to protect the user’s voice identification.

Bi-directional conversation
With HaYa Org the operators can respond to HaYa Chat users’ incoming chats live and be able to send multimedia back to the HaYa Chat user.

Multi session conversation
Being a text based platform, the HaYa Platform allows conversations to carry on over an extended period of time giving both the HaYa Chat user and the HaYa Org operators no time constraints to discuss the problem.

App based
HaYa Chat is a freely available chat app with independent branding that can be used for other features. This means that having HaYa Chat on your smartphone doesn’t implicate the HaYa Chat user on using it for a specific purpose.

Use on multiple devices
With HaYa Chat you can switch smartphones at any time and carry on the same conversations from different devices. Since HaYa Chat is not registered to a particular device or number it makes it more secure for the user to contact your organisation.

Instant rollout
HaYa Org is web based allowing your organisation to create specific accounts and QR codes within seconds and roll out the QR code globally within minutes. This allows your organisation to create situation/department specific HaYa Org accounts and be contacted in minutes.

Scan QR to connect
The HaYa Platform is designed to make it as quick and simple for users to connect to your organisation. By having HaYa Org QR codes it allows HaYa Chat users to quickly and discreetly scan your organisation QR code and connect to you. QR codes can be placed online or on printed material posted in appropriate places. User can scan your QR code even if they don’t have HaYa Chat installed as the QR code will do this automatically for them.

Hide conversation from prying eyes/ears
HaYa Chat allows users to hide conversations in case their smartphone gets confiscated. Furthermore by logging into HaYa Chat from another device it will automatically sign them out of their existing device.

Multiple operators to receive incoming conversations
With HaYa Org your organisation can have from one to hundreds of operators fielding incoming chats. Incoming chats can be automatically distributed or manually assigned by the main HaYa Org account administrator.

Supervisor access to all active conversations
The main HaYa Org account administrator can view and interact with all active conversations in your organisation’s HaYa Org account. This allows the main supervisor to assist all operators at any time.

Multiple conversations at the same time
With HaYa Chat a user can be talking to your organisation and at the same time be chatting with other organisations. This allows your organisation to assist HaYa Chat users in cases where they need guidance in talking to other organisations.

Out of hours connections
The HaYa Platform allows HaYa Chat users and HaYa Org operators to send and receive messages even when either party is offline.

Export conversation for case studies/management
Your organisation can export HaYa Org chats to save on your own databases or print them out for filing.