Anonymous reporting platform for organisations

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies rely on the public coming forward to report crimes. It takes a lot of courage for people to contact law enforcement to report a crime.

Most people are reluctant to get involved as their main concern is that they will get dragged into something that could put them in danger. It is for these reason that many people don’t report crimes.

People are willing to report crime if they can do so easily and anonymously. Most law enforcement agencies offer a confidential phone line but people are still concerned that they can be traced. Furthermore, when people contact the confidential phone lines it usually ends up being a single short conversation making it harder for law enforcement officers to get more in-depth intelligence.

HaYa Org with HaYa Chat offer a simple and effective solution

For individual officers

Individual officers can sign up to HaYa Org and get their own personal QR code which they can then publish on their emails, cards and have it on their contact page on their agency website. This allows the public to contact them directly and anonymously in a live chat.

A person can scan the QR code and within seconds they are in a live chat with the officer without having to disclose any personal information as HaYa Chat app doesn’t require any registration.

For law enforcement agencies

Law enforcement agencies can sign up to HaYa Org and have QR codes for specific departments. These QR codes can be displayed on their website, printed leaflets and posters located in appropriate locations and hot-spots.

Multiple officers and staff can be assigned to administer incoming chats allowing the scaling up of operations.

Benefits of HaYa

The benefit for the individual scanning the QR code is that their identity is protected and they can make contact at any time giving them freedom and confidence to make contact.

The benefit to the agency is that they are able to take their time chatting with the person allowing for in-depth intelligence gathering and quickly eliminate frivolous claims.

Simple setup

HaYa Org can be set up in minutes allowing for quick deployment of QR codes. Try HaYa Org for free with no obligations and test it internally by getting your staff to scan the QR code and chat with you.