Anonymous reporting platform for organisations


The CEO of Organisational Genetics Tracy Boylin knows all about toxic workplaces and how they damage workforces.

As an HR expert of more than 25 Years, she experienced bullying first-hand as Director of Human Resources at a world-famous NHS Hospital Trust.

As a whistleblower determined to highlight a damaging culture of enforced silence, she was threatened, persecuted, and eventually driven out of her job. And it didn’t stop there.

But what Tracy learned from these horrendous experiences and her subsequent campaign for justice was that she was not prepared to turn away. She was determined to fight for the truth – for justice – and to help others in similar situations.

More importantly, she wanted to prevent them from happening again. As a result, she has created systems to make raising concerns easier and that can also support the work of independent, external bodies.

Her work helps organisations create a more open reporting culture, prevents individuals from being victimised or suffering retribution and ensures that a talented, committed workforce is retained.

Tracy and her team help companies and organisations manage risk, reduce harm, and promote respect through hi-tech live intelligence to promote a healthier and more productive working life.

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