Anonymous reporting platform for organisations

Research and Polling

When doing research and polling it can be hard to get honest opinions as people are reluctant to give truthful information as they are worried how it might reflect on their image.

There is evidence that anonymous research and polling can provide more accurate data. This has been clearly seen in the last decade on the political spectrum as researchers and pollsters found it increasingly hard to get a realistic picture of the political sentiments.

HaYa Org with HaYa Chat offer a simple and effective solution

Honest answers

Researchers and pollsters can sign up to HaYa Org and get QR codes for specific projects.

These QR codes can then be placed on their website, printed leaflets and posters.

This allows any person to scan the QR code and within seconds they can be in a live chat with a researcher or pollster, without having to disclose any personal information as HaYa Chat app doesn’t require any registration.

Benefits of HaYa

The benefit for the individual is that their identity is protected and feel free to answer questions honestly.

The advantage for the researcher is that they are able to take their time to interact with the person and be able to gather more accurate and honest answers to their research.

With HaYa Org you can have multiple administrators manning the system where incoming chats are distributed amongst them. This allows the agency to scale up depending on traffic.

Simple setup

HaYa Org can be set up in minutes allowing for quick deployment of QR codes. Try HaYa Org for free with no obligations and test it internally by getting your staff to scan the QR code and chat with you.