Anonymous reporting platform for organisations

Medical Institutions

In a recent study done by NHS England it was reported that 19% of staff experience bullying or harassment from colleagues and 13% of staff experienced bullying or harassment from managers.

64.6% of staff don’t raise a concern about wrongdoing because of “a lack of trust in the system” and “a fear of being victimised”.

23.8% were not aware of their organisations whistleblowing/confidential reporting procedures. This is mainly due to the information being hard to find within the organisation’s intranet and policy books.

Most telling part of the report is that 68.9% of staff would more likely raise concerns about suspected wrongdoing if they could report it anonymously.

These statistics are not unique to the NHS but are prevalent in medical institutions due to the very stressful environment employees work in and the complex hierarchy.

HaYa Org with HaYa Chat offer a simple and effective solution

Freedom to speak up

Medical institutions can sign up to HaYa Org and have QR codes for specific departments.

These QR codes can be displayed on their website, printed leaflets and posters located in appropriate locations.

This allows any employee to scan the QR code and within seconds they can be in a live chat with the respective department, without having to disclose any personal information as HaYa Chat app doesn’t require any registration.

Benefits of HaYa

The benefit for the individual is that their identity is protected and that gives them the confidence to speak freely even about superiors.

The advantage for the department representative is that they are able to take their time to interact with the person and be able to react to a situation before it escalates.

With HaYa Org you can have multiple administrators manning the system where incoming chats are distributed amongst them. This allows the institution to scale up depending on traffic.

Simple setup

HaYa Org can be set up in minutes allowing for quick deployment of QR codes. Try HaYa Org for free with no obligations and test it internally by getting your staff to scan the QR code and chat with you.


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